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"You have the power to change your reality by focusing on your skills and choices." - Nidhi Shri
Engaging Behavioural and organizational training workshops focused on making participants working in exploratory mode
Thought provoking and transforming
1 to 1 coaching, team coaching and group coaching sessions to help you deep dive in your own mental patterns and habits, reframe and refocus
Sharing expertise with adults and youth through speaker engagements and panel discussions

Why SkillMedley?

Focused on sustained impact through focus on ‘holistic capability’ and realization of potential

 Evidence based methods like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology, Appreciative Enquiry, Emotional Intelligence & Systemic Thinking

 Personalised content creation & adaptive delivery engaging all learning styles Visual, Auditory and Kinetic

Experiential & immersive learning through role plays, mini cases & group exercises based on real challenges


“Nidhi is a wonderfully engaging presenter, she conducts really engaging sessions which are unlike any other training session. She demonstrates passion for her subject and invites stimulating discussions exercises leaving participants with food for thought and great self-awareness.”

- Ravikant, Design Thinking & Innovation@QGlue, Keynote Speaker
“I began life coaching sessions with Nidhi a few months ago and I'm already reaping the benefits. She is insightful, innovative and creative. She is meticulous and really delves into the person's soul, habits and nature. I highly recommend her, as she will change your life for the better.”

- Mike Samson, Associate Attorney
“I have worked under the guidance of Ms. Nidhi. She was my career coach. Thanks to the process and steps you coached me through that build my new confidence and drive me to execute a successful career transition. Thank you for all your support and expertise..”

- Tejasvi Niranjan, Data Analyst@KPMG India
“I got the opportunity to interact with Nidhi during a leadership training program she had designed from scratch. It was great to see the level of detail she had put in. Nidhi makes sure that she delivers the best only & does not compromise on the quality of output even during tight deadlines. She has a very pleasant & professional approach which helps her quickly form a good rapport with trainees as well as stakeholders.“

- Saurabh Sharma, Quality & Culture Head@Cult.Fit

“I am a healthcare entrepreneur in the United States. I did a coaching session with Nidhi. The first part that was remarkable was that we spent almost 2 hours going over my personal situation and how to increase my productivity. She was very thorough, and I left with a great plan to help me achieve my goals and free up time in my schedule. I have decided to sign up for a coaching package, and I highly recommend her.”

- Sagar Patel, Wellness Expert
“I have known Nidhi for more than 7 years now and I find her exceptional in her dedication, motivation and clarity. She is very passionate about what she does. With her as Life Coach, she has filled many a lives with enthusiasm, zeal and positivity. As a trainer and facilitator she has created learning opportunities for others and has provided inputs for performance, improvement by knowledge sharing and confidence building.“

- Sheetal Saraf, Snr Quality Analyst@Natwest Group
" I have taken coaching sessions from Nidhi related to my life decisions. I was skeptical at the beginning but halfway through the sessions, I realized the power of her coaching methodology. The flow of session was superb and her questions made me think on some of the key decisions. I didn't think it was possible to come to a conclusion in an hour long session but her techniques and questions made it possible. She can be your goto Coach if you are feeling stuck and need a coach to help you come out with clear directions.”

- Avinash Kumar, Founder TransformzU


- Avinash, Founder TransformzU

- Avinash Kumar, Founder@TransformzU
“Nidhi is among the rare coach who will go an extra mile for you and your profile and will help you passionately. Even a good motivator. Thanks a lot Nidhi for you support.”

- Moinak Mandal, Business Analyst@Capegemini
“Nidhi successfully developed some excellent courses for Cult.Fit trainers, cluster heads and format heads. These workshops focused on leadership, people management, time management, conflict management, prioritization and much more helping in ownership, motivation etc. The curriculum and the delivery received great feedback from all who attended and concluded to be an efficient course.”

- Shwetambari Shetty, Fitness Expert@Cure.Fit
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