Who Nidhi Shri is

Performance Coach | Productivity Coach | Leadership Coach | Systemic Team Coach | Stress Management Coach |
Behavioural Trainer | Facilitator | Speaker

A semi-introvert by nature, an explorer and a curious mind...I always loved to deep dive into the human thought process and loved helping those who needed a different perspective. This is what lead me to the journey of being in Human Resources and ultimately taking my passion into my full time dream SkillMedley where I try to make a difference in lives of people by empowering them to take charge of their life and growth at work by working on key skills and their choices.

As a Growth Partner, I enrich your thought process and skills to help you achieve your goals with Clarity, Confidence & Continuous Improvement.
❌️ I don't promise - Magical transformation
✅️ I gurantee - Incremental & collaborative approach towards Meaningful Change:
1) Actively listen to you with compassion without judgement to let you differentiate the music from noise in your mind 2) Challenge you to explore areas which you may have unconsciously ignored or consciously found difficult and develop your skills in experiential ways through practiced tools and my intuitive frameworks 3) Enable you to take ownership of your action plan and progress

I have worked with people from Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East, US in Industries: AI / IT / Tech / Engineering / CRM / IoT, EduTech, BFSI, FinTech, Telecom, Energy, Lifestyle Retail, Health & Fitness, Pharmaceuticals, Painting, Steel Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Automobile Manufacturing, Aviation, Food & Non-profit 

Prior to SkillMedley, I have been a Human Resources Professional and a Software Engineer with rich experience with Fortune 200 companies & startup. My core areas of experience are Learning & Development, Talent Management and OD with pivotal contribution to Assessment Centre / Development Centre, Competency Frameworks, New Joiner Experience and Employee Engagement.

Founder SkillMedley

Key Brand Associations


John Maxwell Team Certified Independent Coach, Trainer & Speaker

ICF Certified Systemic Team Coach

ICF Certified NLP Coach

Certified Positive Psychology Coach  

Licensed Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Certified Train the Trainer (Internal)

Certified Design Thinking (Internal)

Certified Agile Methodology (Internal)

Certified Assessment Centre (Internal)


B.Tech Computer Science | MBA Human Resources

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