Coaching Research Results indicate that individual coaching and group training were effective in reducing procrastination and facilitating goal attainment. Individual coaching created a high degree of satisfaction and was superior in helping participants attaining their goals, whereas group training successfully promoted the acquisition of relevant knowledge. The results for the self-coaching condition show that independently performing exercises without being supported by a coach is not sufficient for high goal attainment. Moreover, mediation analysis show that a coach’s transformational and transactional leadership behavior influenced participants’ perceived autonomy, support and intrinsic motivation, resulting in beneficial coaching outcomes. The results may guide the selection of appropriate human resource development methods. If there is a general need to systematically prepare employees to perform on specific tasks, group training seems appropriate due to lower costs. However, when certain aspects of working conditions or individual development goals are paramount, coaching might be indicated.

Coaching - What's on you agenda?

Developing the next level Emerging leaders, Hi-Po's & Managers
(1 to 1 Coaching)

Are you waiting to develop the next line of leaders after they get into role or you want to develop them for a good succession? A specially designed coaching journey focused on identified competencies can make your Hi- Potential employee a star!! Engage this person in 1 to 1 coaching journey to nurture now!
Work Life Integration: Managing Time, Productivity & Accountability
(1 to 1 Coaching)

Pandemic and remote work has changed the definition of time management and productivity. Is your performance & productivity also getting affected? Are you not able to keep yourself enough committed to your goals? 1 to 1 coaching on work life integration can really change the way you manage your day.

Achieving Performance & Engagement Excellence
(Group Coaching)

A comprehensive 3 session programme for all employees to be able to identify and work on their drivers for performance and engagement, also balancing the new ways of working. Powerful action oriented activities can help them identify the core issues and mental patterns and help them realise their potential achieving excellence in performance and engagement.
Stress Management
(1 to 1 Coaching)

Are we ignoring the stress at work? Stress affects health, productivity, relationships and overall quality of life. Deep dive into what's really bothering you because what you see may only be an apparent issue for stress. Your anxiety always have a deeper reason. Talk about your situation and lets work together to combat with stress, anxiety, fear and other emotions. Let's approach them together..

Systemic Team Coaching
(Team Coaching)

Individuals in teams may be working well but when it comes to their interaction with their teams combined with effect of organisation, dynamics changes ! Team coaching can be a game changer for teams to work on their dysfunctions, leverage strengths, understand intra team inteactions and systemic view to not just meet team goals but create 10x impact.

Engaging Teams for Performance & Excellence
(Group Coaching)

People Leaders need to identify factors which affect their performance and commitment of their team members. 'One size doesn't fit all' so this is a 3 session programme which can help them identify an action plan to work with each of their team members.
I work on your limiting belief, habits and strengths so you can work on your action plan with confidence, managing time and opportunities and create value for yourself, thereby impacting your organisation.
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